Building Learning Power

What is BLP?

Building learning Power is a way of helping students to learn and to develop their intelligence.

How does BLP work?

The human brain is made up of different parts that control different learning skills and attitudes.

Just like every other muscle/organ in the human body, the brain requires exercise to work efficiently and stay healthy.

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Building Learning Power

The Learning Organisation

 The Idea of BLP:










Student Fees

All monies collected by Coláiste De Lacy are used to pay for a range of Student Support Services which may include student journal, locker rental, student insurance, texts to parents, book rental scheme, photocopying costs, student materials, student mock examinations and educational outings. In the event that there is a surplus of money collected for any one purpose, these remaining funds will be reinvested in the school to enhance the provision of Student Support Services and School Facilities for all students.